GLOBAL NEFFWORK GREECE: A Shocking Song For Toxic People by Konstantinos Dilzas


Konstantinos Dilzas (“Do you remember”, “Normality”, “There are those mornings” “Pieces”) has just released a shocking EDM song “touching” a very special topic…

The song has to do with the toxic people who dust us with their poison. The song is a very catchy song based in a jungle / GOA beat and it is going to be a smash hit at EDM clubs and radios.

Music has been composed by Barett Livingstone and the lyrics were written by Konstantinos Dilzas (Greek version) and Tina Refenes (English version). English Version has been filmed in a very special Lyrics video clip by LM World UK

We read some very special info at the Press Release of the song:

The song is based on a true story and has to do with a very sad story @ Konstantinos’ life when he met in his life such a person who “sucked his life’s essence”…
The photos both in two versions are “real” from this period of his life before the “killer” raped his soul…

Konstantinos will release some more songs following this style of Spoken Music (always as EDM tunes) which are the English versions of his songs “Pagkrati”, “Prasino Kleidi” and a very special brand new song entitled “The void”.

Good luck Konstantinos with your new smash track!

“The killers disappear without even saying goodbye…Because they are… cowards …They do not dare….”



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