Yung Ro is ‘Like No Other’


A decade ago, a 15 year old rapper out of St. Louis Mo. hit #3 on the Billboard Hip Hop Singles chart. The young maverick was named “Yung Ro“. Now, fast forward to the present, Yung Ro is the known CEO of Black Pearl Entertainment (BPENT) located in downtown St. Louis. The company boasts of the infamous Black Pearl Tattoo Gallery and a new recording studio which Yung Ro masters both trades. He just completed a new video, “Like No Other‘, for his forthcoming mixtape project, “The Wolf of Olive Street“. The video was filmed by Craig Thomas , (Film Legends) and the track is a Mook Beast production, who happens to be Yung Ro’s younger brother. The video illustrates the strong family ties that he shares with his family. His youngest brother, Jiro. is an artist signed to the label and currently working on his solo untitled project. The video is a creative piece that he hopes the masses will enjoy.


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