Rapper Silento Taking Legal Action Over Dubai Detention


Rapper Silento has decided to take action after he was banned from leaving Dubai due to a financial contract dispute with a concert promoter.

The 19 year old rapper was reportedly supposed to play two shows in the United Arab Emirates in mid February, but the shows never took place.  Local promoter Makki Taj El Sir Abdel Halim, took the issue to court and requested Silento’s team to reimburse performance fees, travel and marketing costs.

His team did eventually paid the court so the rapper could leave the country, but the singer isn’t taking the court drama lying down and is planning to take legal action over the dispute.

Silento told TMZ.com at Los Angeles International Airport, “I paid the court, but now I’m counterattacking on everybody in the situation, I’m taking legal action with everybody who was a part of that fake case.”

Confirming he was seeking money, he added, “I missed a lot of shows and a lot of fans think I wasn’t showing up because of just being me, but it was his fault that I didn’t show up… they tried to make a fake case on me saying that I took some money or I didn’t show up at a show when the promoter didn’t follow through with the requirements for me to do a show.”

He claims that the promoter was supposed pay for requirements such as flights and hotel and he failed to do so which is why he didn’t do the concerts. Silento also says because of his age, he was not detained nor was his passport obtained.

“I was not detained. I did not give my passport up at all. I’m considered a minor in Dubai so when they figured out I was 19 they automatically dismissed the case. I couldn’t leave but they couldn’t take my passport or come arrest me because I was underage,” he fumed.

Stay tuned for more info as this story progresses.

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