LISTEN: Perrelli & Mankoff-Unlimited [Rielism]


Just because you’re not on millions of billboards and constantly appearing on tv does not mean you’re not one of the brightest and most popular up and coming talents in the music industry. This is without a doubt the case for British duo Perrelli & Mankoff (Real names: Daniel Perrelli & Chaim Mankoff), who have been rapidly climbing the popularity ladder in the music industry. Their next release “Unlimited” which is now available on the ever popular Dutch label “Rielism” will certainly be propelling the duo to the next level.

“Unlimited” can be described in one sentence: ”Essential to the club scene.” Set at 138 BPM, this track will go down as a future classic in the clubbing scene. A catchy and uplifting main melody will have listeners not forgetting it anytime soon. That is not to say that this is the only selling point. A glorious breakdown rife with excellent pads and other elements will take listeners all the way to cloud 9 (or even further). Let us not forget the amazing amount of energy that is present throughout the track that will keep listeners moving for “unlimited” hours on end (okay, perhaps you’ll want to take a break at some point). In all, this track belongs in the clubs.

Remember some of the best things in life are usually not there in plain sight. Though Perrelli & Mankoff may not be on millions of billboards, or being filmed throwing cakes and champagne at large audiences, this does not mean that they are not one of the most talented duos in the scene. It would be criminal to say that they are not important to the scene, especially with their latest release. If you have a penchant for non stop energy music, then “Unlimited” is for you. Make sure to grab a legal copy from Beatport. Available via Rielisim.

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