POINT REAZON Makes A Sleek Statement With Hot New Mixtape


Point Reazon is a standout from the bunch; it’s something about him that’s different, mysterious and interesting. His methods and approach, musically, is different; his voice, something about his voice ….and we still feel he hasn’t unleashed the total rockets and ammunition in his arsenal.

From a first listen to any of his songs you can tell he’s got potentials and not a newbie like a beginner, but a pro and someone who’s got a keen sense of direction.

Offering a new mixtape, titled “Valiant” …contains 8 tracks
….can only imagine what made him come up with such a title.

Point handles this project like a serious business. It’s a mixtape and the type you would hardly skip a track when listening. It’s fluid, the song arrangements are quite impeccable, but what’s more intriguing are the lyrics, the emotions in some of the songs like “Love Me Hate Me”, “Do it”, and even the skit on the tape ….the energy and delivery on “Gone”….the excitement in “Rock N Drive” and “Party” (which has Chris Brown on it) ……how he brought to life the erotic sensations on “Put It On Me” – so romantic. The project is also mixed and mastered by God Junio.

You can fault the tape in some aspects, but the coolness and flames of the “Valiant” mixtape outweighs it’s flaws.

Track List:
1. Love Me Hate Me
2. Party (ft. Chris Brown)
3. Put It On Me
4. Rock N Drive
5. Skit
6. Do It
7. About Her
8. Gone

Check it out and let us know what you think


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