Prince Taylor is Elevated


Prince Taylor is a Zimbabwean artist and video director currently based in Austria. His sound blurs the line between the warmth of the New school and the impact of the modern trap scene, mixing banging instrumentals with a compelling and distinctive lyrical flow. He set out to develop a unique blend of hip-hop and trap, with a modern twist. Prince Taylor was born in Zimbabwe and he still carries the groove and charisma of his land within his tracks. His sound is all about connecting with listeners via great melodies, lots of energy and more importantly, thought-provoking lyrics that feel honest and direct. That certain blend of honesty is what truly sets his songs apart, whether he is making music on his own or collaborating with other members of T.O.A.O. (The One And Only), which consists of some talented performers from Vienna. Prince looks up to influential performers such as Kanye West, Drake or Kendrick Lamar, just to mention a few of his influences. However, he made a point to develop a lyrical style that is all his own! Prince Taylor’s artistry has been highly lauded in 2016, when he won a cultural prize for his work.
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