K2 Cocky is Coming For You, You Don’t Want No Problems


K2 Cocky is a LGBT rapper with a massive reputation for innovation and controversy. Off his latest project “Space Cadet”, “Black and Green” shows the artist’s complete disregard for social boundaries, as he uses his lyrical talent to present gruesome scenes of gang violence in visceral detail. The beat is a strange psychedelic trap variation that causes the attention of listeners with its complexity. Paired with the unrelenting lyrics of K2, listeners are left mesmerized at the song which cannot go without being replayed. The simplicity of the hook contrasts with the expert verses in a way that empowers the entire track to an amazing level. Overall, “Black and Green” dares to tell the side of stories most would try to hide, further showing K2’s mindset and desire to stray from the norm and create controversy that excites listeners and earns the respect of other pioneers.


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