T-Pain is in on the “Bitch I Might Be” gag of 2006.

Gucci and T-Pain share the same coastal region but came up a bit differently. They both lent their talents to a Steve Aoki session in the past, and once upon a time it was T-Pain who played second fiddle opposite Gucci Mane on Trap God in 2012. The ATl legend is here to repay the favor. 

On “Might Be,” T-Pain adopts a harsher tone than usual, perhaps coerced by the countenance of his buddy Gucci Mane. Legend has it that Gucci once muttered his legendary turn of phrase to a judge presiding over an assault and battery charge some time ago. The judge asked if he was guilty of the offense, to which Gucci responded, “Bitch I Might Be.”

Curiously enough, Gucci’s self-fulfilling prophecy spoke to each and every ill he vanquished on his record “Pillz.” T-Pain expulsion’s comes after years of hearing he couldn’t cut it as a singer. With the notion completely upturned as we approach a new decade, T-Pain is ready to call dibs on the whole kit and caboodle, as they say in Providence, Rhode Island.

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