New Mexico Shares Good Hip Hop?!


New Mexico isn’t really well known for much of anything. Maybe two worthy tv shows (Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul) and a couple of celebrities having lived there at one point in their life. Other than that New Mexico is a desert wasteland. Until now, there happens to be some hip hop that is coming out of the state that has a great attention to production and lyricists that have talent and competence when it comes to actually flowing. The name of the group is 2ndVerse with some short bio about a wise man saying that the 2nd verse is bad but you won’t find any bad verses on their tracks, I’m actually inclined to agree. From the information available online it appears to be a group of four rappers Jordan Kingston, Croz, Solo, and UncleBizzy. They are coming with nothing but singles available to listen to but an impressive quality. The singles feature some well known underground rappers and are definitely worth a listen. If you are thinking about visiting New Mexico don’t, unless you want to see a lot of dirt, small towns, a bunch bad statistics and then of course good music like these guys. Maybe New Mexico isn’t so bad after all?! I’ll let you be the judge. The track listed below is titled Legend and features Daylyt a well known battle rapper who has made a name for himself by doing strange things in and outside the battle rap world. We were happy to find them amongst music that we listen to. Keep your ears to the underground there may be something out in the water in New Mexico.


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