Nikki Hayes: “Move”


The comments run the gamut – from the creative to the comical. “Yes Lordt you better sing;” “Your voice just snatched my edges;” “Why aren’t you famous yet?” are just a few of the responses Nikki Hayes receives after encountering “that voice.” Whether it’s watching her videos or attending a live performance, there’s no doubt the 23-year-old R&B singer/songwriter is not your typical artist. She’s a vocal powerhouse to be reckoned with. 

As Nikki’s debut single “Chance of Rain” introduced a young lady’s vocals that were a mix of sultry sensuality and squeaky-clean innocence, her follow-up Move presents Nikki in a new light as a
fully grown woman. Yet, her love for 90’s “old school” music and her propensity to share that clandestine part of spirit – both vocally and lyrically – continue to be a part of who she is. With its mellow R&B vibe that depicts love as a paralyzing force, Move allows Nikki to express the physical fire of love – the “I shouldn’t but it keeps calling me” type of intensity often experienced in relationships, and she invites the listener to experience their own. 

From securing a final five spot in six-time Grammy Award winning producer Kuk Harrell’s “Who’s Next? Worldwide Online Talent Search” and a feature with Grammy Award winning artist and wordsmith Malik Yusef’s (G.O.O.D. Music) hip-hop track “Tonight,” to landing a Retweet from Toni Braxton for Nikki’s cover of Toni’s hit “You’re Making Me High,” the industry thus far views Nikki’s universal character and appeal, along with her vocal talents, as the track to R&B superstardom. 


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