Craig Dwelling – “Remember This” (Official Video)


An immigrant to a new world and an outcast of the old world, Craig Dwelling’s story is depicted in his debut EP, “Internal Battles.” Dwelling’s tale is about a life void of love, even the love that one gives to oneself. This project displays Dwelling’s strength as a storyteller, along with his ability to manifest his visions into audio-visual form. His sound can be described as contemporary, yet soulful and his writing resonates from a deep passionate place. His lyrics are raw, emotional, and heart-felt. Dwelling is extremely hands-on with his visuals, both co-directing and producing his videos and images to ensure that the visual components encompasses the feelings expressed in his work. Dwelling’s message is about finding strength through vulnerability and hope in darkness.

All of Dwelling’s early experiences with romance resulted in unrequited love. Short-lived affairs that he poured his feelings of longing to love and be loved into, inspired “Remember This,” a song about a forlorn lover who can’t let go.

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