Drunken Monkeee talks spiritual war and Chicago hip-hop

Interviews / April 4, 2016


The most amazing thing about the Chicago hip-hop scene is found in its diversity. The talent is just as defined as the neighborhoods. Drunken Monkeee represents one of the most notorious neighborhoods in Chicago. His skill embodies his passion and his desire to make the world better. Along with being an amazing artist, he is a father and hard worker. When speaking with him, you can tell his mission is sincere and his music is the driver. RO took some time to speak about his music and other endeavors.

Tell everyone who you are.

Live from the planet Tweak Central, it’s Chicago wildest, and Englewood’s space cadet by the name of Drunken Monkeee, and it’s very delicious to meet you all. I have been to considered to be one of Chicago’s most influential performers. I like to think of myself as a walking motion art gallery because I’m filled with so many professional colors of work from being a hip-hop artist, poet, event planner, radio host, short film director, and mentor artist teacher.

How long have you been an artist? 

I been performing for 17 years, and still counting.

What is it about the Chicago hip-hop scene that encourages you the most?

We are a family, even if we don’t like each other. The Chicago hip hop scene is a very big but it’s very small and everybody knows each other. I love that we are like our own world that inspires other cities to adapt that Chicago hip hop swag. I love my city so much. I love the history of Chicago, the culture, the food, the music, and the art landscapes. My city is so unique that all around the world people is inspired by our delicious swag, and that encourages me to go hard with my events, my music, and radio show especially when it come to helping others in the Chicago music scene because I’m not just part of the hip hop scene I’m all over the place like a sloppy grill cheese sandwich.  The city encourages me so much that it pushes me on to help others.

What is it about the Chicago hip-hop scene that gets on your nerves?

To be honest I’m at the point of my career where I’m to old to be complaining about what Get on my nerves when it come to the Chicago hip hop scene because I’m focus on the positive side of things when it come to the scene. But I can say I don’t like that two scenes don’t build with each other far as Chicago hip hop and Chicago drill. I feel like I’m the Monkeee in the middle of both scenes especially me coming from Englewood,& I hate to see Hip hop heads downing the streets, and I hate to see the streets downing thinking hip hop heads are soft. I would like to see all the scenes vibing as one working together because I feel we need each other especially with the violent war going on in our streets.

What is the most challenging aspect of what you do?

Balancing being daddy,the working man, & the performer. I love my kids Harmoni and Joseph Hendrix so much, and I wish I could be with them everyday but right now I can’t. I’m working 4 jobs, managing a radio brand, and still performing and making music. It’s become a battle between Joseph vs Drunken Monkeee, and balancing my life as well as my passion.

Talk about the projects you have on deck.

I just recently finished my best project called Stir Fried Potato Chips (Reality Wrap) produced by ILL Legit where I’m putting my personal life in the spotlight. I’m a very spiritual person and this album is a feel good testimony where people of all colors, planets and sizes will vibe to the energy I put in this project because the people will quickly relate to what I’m talking about. I also have a radio show #TweakCentralLounge that’s been getting a lot of international planetary love because we showcase the best In late night music from local and independent artists from around the world every Monday night, and we broadcast live on which is the #1 station for activism, music, and arts. I’m throwing a lot theme events from hip hop shows with live martial artists, theater, film, and dinner party events showcasing local chefs. My album release event April 30th @ Underground Wonder Bar

What are your thoughts on the Chicago youth and how can you help through your art?

It’s simple “It take a village” it’s going to take not just me but the whole movement to help our young scholars because it’s a spiritual war outside and our babies are in the middle of it. That goes back to when I said I would love to see the hip-hop heads and the drill heads building with each other as one. Helping the youth with my art isn’t enough I feel it take more then just art. We need a long term plan that can be passed down to one generation of youth to the next generation of youth, and so on. We need to use art but also business management workshop, proper health eating workshops, Computer teaching classes, and jobs to help our babies honestly.  The youth are so intelligent even if they are in the streets. All they want is attention, they want to feel like they are loved and appreciated, and welcomed to be themselves. CPS is constantly cutting budgets and art programs so that’s why I feel we need a long term plan where we use art as a foundation that creates jobs/ leadership roles, and etc.

Who are you supporting for president?

God. Enough said

What encouraging words do you have for our readers?

Love God, and love yourself. Put your phones down for a little bit and build with each other. Love each other, support each other. Protect somebody’s child like you would want some one to protect your child. Love life, see the world, and support not just the art scene but human beings. Like I said its a spiritual war outside and planet earth is in need of love.

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