Amanda Sheffer – “Feelin’ Myself”

Music / March 26, 2016


Amanda Sheffer is 23 years old and she  just recently got out of prison in September 2015. She was down for 2 years. It wasn’t until during that time that she really was able to find herself as a person and as an artist. Her music is called. HOPEmusik. (Hold On Pain Ends). When you listen to her music you get to be inside of her head, her heart, and inside these walls (how she felt and what she went through being locked up). She wants everyone to know that you can bounce back from anything as long as you believe in yourself. And who she’s been is not who she is. Most importantly she wants everyone to know that your past doesn’t define who you are.. sometimes you got get down to figure out who you are and be truly happy with yourself. 


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