Global Neffwork UK: Black Slate, The 1st British Roots Rock Reggae Band!

Music / Videos / December 16, 2015


Black Slate is recognized as the pioneers of the British Roots Rock Reggae sound.

A well-respected band of talented and creative men who are again ready to bring their special brand of Reggae music to the world. The band was formed in 1972 by Anthony Brightly, Chris Hanson and Desmond Mahoney. Black Slate’s top ten charting hits include; “Sticksman” (1976) followed by “Mind Your Motion” (TCD, 1979) and “Amigo” (TCD/Ensign, 1980) which reached number one on the European charts.

“We play music because we love playing music. We are ready for the road again,” Anthony Brightly said recently. “A venue of 100, or a stadium of 10,000, we will be on the road to bring the message to every place people want to hear Reggae music. I see a continuation of our journey…”

That’s not all, more albums followed such as: Ogima (Hit and Run, 1981), Six Plus One (Top Ranking, 1982), Midnight (TCD Records, 2013), World Citizen (Unit 8 Records, 2013) and, Now And Then (TCD Records, 2014). As 2016 approaches, Black Slate is gearing up to launch another project entitled “Peaceful Demonstration“.

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