Indie Heat: Carlos Hawkins is a Southern Hip Hop Artist on the Rise!

Music / November 23, 2015


Born in Anniston, Al (in the late 80s) @MrCarlosHawkins began falling in Love with his music at an early age.

It was his outlet, his way of expressing his anger, and his dream. Coming from a family with music in their background, Carlos began experimenting with instruments like, the organ, Piano, Trumpet, and finally the drums. He fell in love. His first gig was playing the drums for all of the Shady Grove Baptist Church choirs. His (Big Mama) Sylvia Hawkins, an outstanding member of the church and community, kept him in the church. She told Carlos that if he kept his grades up to her standard, he could play for the church as long as he wanted.
After the passing of his Grandfather in 1995 and his big mama two years later, Carlos began looking to the streets for love. By then he was already the youngest member of the High School Marching band. But trouble seemed to follow him everywhere. In and out of school, Carlos temper kept him in trouble. After his grandparents passed away, a savage, rebellious and defiant side of Carlos took over. Raised under the influence of a Drug addicted Mother and a Father who didn’t really have it all, Carlos felt his only choice was to live in the streets the best he knew how. Carlos ran away at the Age of 12.

For about a year, Carlos was taken in by a white family. (Cody Carters mom). Got really close to her granddad (bob the repo man), a well-known KKK, and managed to still go to school, and play for the church. During this time, or sometime after, Carlos recorded his first Song with a guy he called Farmer. Better known and Felix Bowens. Their song was called Slum hung. Carlos very first stage name ever was Lil Wicked. They said he had such a wicked delivery to be at that point only 12 or 13 years old. And it was at that point when Carlos found his love for recording and hearing himself on tape. The things he began to write and rap about were really his life. He already had a story to tell after Carlos began recording, he never stopped. Not long after leaving the people he lived with to move in with who he calls his second mom (Ms. Dot Russell), Carlos began to create a Rap sheet for himself doing all types of things. He eventually stopped going to church all together, and started going in and out of boot camps and homes. Baby jails and holding cells as he puts it. Finally ending up in Georgia right outside Atlanta in a city called Douglasville. There he lived with his sister. Carlos was only with his sister for a very short period.

He began to learn his environment, and meet new people. Wasn’t long before he knew everybody and everybody knew him. It was there when Carlos, a/k/a Los met several people who became very important in his life. All of whom dealt with music in some way. Quincy Wells, Carlos best friend, and his cousin Duke inspired Carlos to get in the Studio again. And he began recording with a guy named Bernard. After working with several others, but not establishing anything solid, Carlos met his Other Ace Boon. Byrd. Together along with 4 other guys and a whole neighborhood behind them, they formed CDT ENT. Cross da Trackz entertainment. They called themselves the Cross da track Boys. They began dropping hot music almost immediately. Doing shows. Even managed to get a couple ring tones that people actually downloaded. They were hot, connected and on their way. But the streets had other plans. It wasn’t long before almost his entire crew was locked up. Taking critical blows which put their careers on hold. But even locked up, the music still didn’t stop.
After being in and out of jail, and then locked up for quite some time, Music became an everyday thing. Carlos started to write more and more. Certain COs would come in playing his songs.

Everyday inside, Carlos would write a song and a hook. When he finally hit the streets his plan to get back in the music business was put on hold yet again. He and his girlfriend had agreed to move back to Alabama. And not even a month after moving and being there, his girl was pregnant. Finding a job at a burger king, and a local barbershop, for a year all he did was work. It was this year that Carlos met who would soon be the producer of his hot Singles, Don’t look Right and Arrogant, as well as many other songs thru a local DJ named Hitman. After meeting the producer (lance Matthews), Carlos developed a personal and business relationship with him. Lance eventually gave Carlos his first pack of Beats since had been out of jail. Not long after, Carlos had a newborn baby boy, and a hunger for more money. He started working harder, and networking more and more. In the time Carlos has been in Huntsville, Al has managed to meet and know some of everybody. Have his own barbershop/studio. Work with a lot of local artist. Perform at every club in the city. Meet almost every D.J and have several songs in Power radio rotation. Along with several other accomplishments.

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