Macy Gray Releases The Realest Christmas Song, EVER (Audio)

Music / November 30, 2015

macy gray

Starting last week, many radio stations, retail stores, and festive audiophiles began breaking out the holiday music. Macy Gray is one artist who has release plans for the Christmas season. The veteran Soul/Pop songstress released a new tune called “All I Want For Christmas.”

However, if Heads were expecting a 2010s rendition of the holiday ballads popularized by Carla Thomasor Mariah Carey, think again. Macy offers an original song that speaks directly to the present times, for better and worse. The song juxtaposes the age-old materialism with a desire for world peace, gun control, and universal healthcare. “I’ve got bigger things in mind,” Macy and a chorus of young voices chant when reciting their Christmas list. Along the way, the “I Try” booming sensation makes a cool allusion to another subversive Christmas record, James Brown’s “Santa Clause, Go Straight To The Ghetto,” before dropping some commentary on President Obama and Donald Trump.

This record is catchy, real, and perhaps gets to the crux of the holiday spirit more than so many messages folks are fed. The gift Macy Gray sings of is something that will last well into the years.

Perhaps in a “What’s Going On” chamber of its own, do you think Macy’s brand of Merry Christmas can make the impact it should?

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