P. The Politician & Ceeno “Politically Correct”

Music / January 12, 2016


P. The Politician

P. The Politician’s brother Justice was sentenced to an 8 year prison sentence at the age of 17. Justice was the best rapper that P had ever heard, so he decided to start a record label in preparation for his brother’s release. In 2004, P started Behind Bars Entertainment and during the course of his brother’s incarceration, the label grew and artists came and went. By the time Justice was released,his interests were elsewhere. P now had the know how to run a small record label, so he decided that If his brother wasn’t going to be an artist, then the next best person that he could depend on was himself. P had been rapping all of his life, but when his brother decided to focus on other things, he decided it was time to do it himself.
The current project that P is releasing is entitled “Politically Correct“. This features P and his label mate, Caceeno. It is a duet project that talks about the current social issues going on in the world from the perspective of an African American male who grew up in the South. The duo decided to put together this project in a similar fashion to “Only Built For Cuban Lynx” by Raekwon & Ghostface Killah. Caceeno and P lyrically go back and forth on quite a few tracks in the same manner.


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