POINT REAZON “Missing Piece” prod. ATYS

Music / January 26, 2016


There’s so much noise going on musically in this present day and age where you have every Dick and Harry, Jill and Jasmine messing with music and polluting the art.
Sad to say there’s abundance of junk music in circulation and less quality music with substance nowadays.

Point Reazon is different __an obscure artist yet talented. He’s not a newbie as he’s been making music for a while but certainly a newbie to millions of people who haven’t discovered his music.

Point Reazon’s recent effort/music is worth listening to and deserves to be in the blogs on the charts and radio airwaves. This emcee is bomb and rare, you need to listen for yourself to understand.
Only a few artists today still make music with relevant subject matter and content.
He linked up with young and gifted French producer (Atys) and they created something solid.
Missing Piece” is like an audio movie – touching matters like the abuse on humanity and the lack of love in a world we all co-exist in.

Point Reazon is an artist to watch in 2016 – Keep your eyes on him.

Listen and share.


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