The Artist Refinery Is Changing The Game With Their Talented Artists

Music / October 2, 2015


Introducing Singer & Songwriter; Hanna Elizabeth from Bloomfield, Michigan.

The Artist Refinery’s Hannah Elizabeth released her much-anticipated single on Soundcloud today, with her music video coming out next month. The single has already gathered ample attention and positive feedback, while also affirming The Artist Refinery’s exceptional transformational and evolutionary capacity for artists.

Hannah Elizabeth is an upcoming artist who has already shown remarkable craft. Moreover, with her persistence and endurance through what many may refer to as The Artist Refinery’s boot camp for artists, this musician will certainly and promptly rise through the ranks of the industry.

Of course, working with Fred “Blaze” Crawford has its own perks and guarantees of sorts. While no one can guarantee an artist’s full success, The Artist Refinery works with artists on all aspects of their career and development, thus giving them optimized chances for stardom.

Hannah Elizabeth’s release of “No Good” is the perfect example. The single wholly introduces Hannah Elizabeth’s lyrical talent, vocals, and musical composition. It is even difficult to propose that she is only an upcoming artist. Listen to her single to experience her depth and soulful fusion in “No Good.” The Artist Refinery has truly done it again!

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