Republican Candidate, Donald Trump, Featured in Al-Shabaab Recruitment Video

News / January 3, 2016


The video features a clip from Trump talking about his proposed ban on Muslims.

At the most latest Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton made waves by way of claiming ISIS featured Donald Trump in its recruitment package. This announcement piggybacked upon several instances of Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric, however no person would show Trump was used for ISIS recruitment functions. Nonetheless, Rick Santorum speedily stepped up to take credit score for being the one American baby-kisser who has been declared an enemy of ISIS. Santorum pointed in the direction of an trouble of Dabiq magazine, which aims to recruit Westerners for radicalist reasons.

Trump may not have received the distinction of showing in ISIS propaganda, however now there’s proof that he’s used as an Al Qaeda recruitment tool. In this ABC information clip, parts of an Al-Shabaab recruitment video show up. The late Anwar al-Awlaki (the novel U.S.-born cleric who was once killed in Yemen during a 2011 U.S. Airstrike) appears within the video, which was once reportedly released on Friday.

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