Oh Hell: Adrien Broner Throws Shade at Floyd Mayweather & Caitlyn Jenner, Money Floyd Responds!

Sports / WTF / November 10, 2015


Floyd Mayweather Came To Caitlyn Jenner’s Defense Against during Adrien Broner’s last fight.

It’s not often that Floyd Mayweather is standing on moral high ground over somebody, but he got that rare opportunity when Adrien Broner decided to open his big mouth. After his last fight, Broner treated everybody watching the fight to a lame Caitlyn Jenner joke that drew laughs from his entourage but groans from just about every one else on the planet.

Broner threw that shot at one of Floyd’s Money Team Promotions fighters, Ashley Theophane. After a sham of a world title fight the unheralded Theophane was the man Broner decided to call out to the shock of boxing fans everywhere.

Well Floyd didn’t take the disrespect in kind, and stood up for Caitlyn Jenner as well in a new interview with FightHype, the site that is often the home base for all Floyd’s interactions with the media.

“I mean, you are there taking shots at Bruce Jenner. When it’s all said and done, let Bruce Jenner live his life the way he wanna live his life. Bruce Jenner don’t even know who Adrien Broner is, but Adrien Broner do know who Bruce Jenner is.”

Despite Floyd calling Caitlyn by her former alias, Floyd does have a point. He also went on to say that Broner “has a lot of growing up to do.” It’s a stark contrast to all of the praise Floyd previously heaped upon Broner, but it’s well deserved.

It may come as a shock to Broner, who often calls Floyd his “big bro” and just two weeks ago said he was inspired by Mayweather on Instagram. Despite that, it’s a good bet that he’ll respond to Mayweather sooner than later.

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