Mr. P Chill & Spyder-D “No Regrets”

Videos / November 18, 2015


Mr. P Chill ​has a few rules that he lives by and does not change under any circumstance. One of these rules is to live live with no regrets. This song, which features a collaboration with hip hop legend and pioneer, Spyder­D​, addresses just that. The video was mostly filmed in Atlanta, GA in September of 2015, with some break away clips to the two lyricists working in their respective labs on opposite coasts. Chill says, “Working with a legend who contributed so much to hip hop music and culture is such an honor.Mr. P Chill and Spyder­D’s vocals flow smoothly over a beat written and produced by up and coming producer and beatmaker 3rd Child​. This song is just the beginning as they are joining forces again for a bigger project in 2016 called the Black And White Movement, where the two will be addressing issues with prejudice and hatred between people of different races, religions, and sexes. Stay on the lookout for more details on that very soon!


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