#NewMusic: @TheAngelicaVila ‘MAKING UP MY MIND’ via @Thereal__SV & @NaeSketchie

Videos / February 23, 2016


Making Up My Mind highlights the tug of war between who Angelica Vila is and what society attempts to shape her to be. During the confusion of being critiqued based on sheer superficiality, Angelica was compelled to pen her feelings in the song. She feverishly sings her way to the fork in road and trail blazes straight through to her destination where she demands to maintain her individuality.

In ‘Making Up My Mind‘ I’m expressing this frustration… Should I be myself or Should I listen to what everyone else wants me to be? After the song was done it made me realize that I’m going to be true to who I am.”-AV

Angelica Vila’s voice will captivate your eardrums but its her relatable covers and lyrics that pull in listeners from all ages and background


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